InfoQ interview with Martin Fowler : 2nd Edition of his 1999 Classic, Refactoring, is now shipping!

Martin Fowler’s classic software development book, Refactoring, was first released in 1999. It’s been a staple on my bookshelf since I got a copy in 2000, something that I regularly refer back to for advice on how to improve the structure and maintainability of my code.

The 2nd edition of the book has now been released, updated for 2018, with all the code examples in the book which were previously in Java now replaced with equivalent examples in JavaScript. I have my copy on order with Amazon and should be receiving my copy before the end of the year.

InfoQ have a great podcast interview with Martin, discussing the motivations for releasing an updated edition for 2018, 19 years after the 1st edition was released. Check out the interview here.

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