Packet Radio: Checking in to the Central California Sunday Packet Net using Linpac and Direwolf

I didn’t think it was year ago that I last checked to the Central California Packet Sunday night net, but looking for notes on how to send packet unproto frames from Linpac, this post was today exactly last year. Apparently January 15th is my favorite day for doing some packet radio.

This is using ax25, Direwolf and Linpac setup on Debian that I posted about a few days back. I did a screen recording of the net checkins so you can see what a packet net looks like. It’s not exactly fast paced, and in the middle there’s some WinLink email inbox checking going on, but you can see Ben KG6BNL running Net Control, and then check-ins that follow.

In the screencapture I’m ssh’d from my Mac into my desktop upstairs which has a Rigblaster Plug n Play connected to my Icom 880h. The top session is Direwolf, so you can see it’s decoding all the packets it hears. The bottom session is Linpac, where I’m using :unproto to send my check-in.

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