iPhone 7 – where’s the innovation?

The iPhone 7 is probably going to be noticed more for what Apple has removed, rather than the faster processor and improved dual lens zoom camera, since this is the first iPhone without a headphone jack.

Apple is notable for removing features on their new products though – laptops and desktops (iMac) with no floppy drive, and then later, no optical drive (MacBook Air).

PCMagazine added this perfect statement:

People who want iPhones don’t want them because of the spec sheets. They want them because of iOS, third-party iOS apps, Apple’s service and support network, and the community effects of Apple-only systems like iMessage.

Apple has succeeded so well at creating desirable products, that if they announced an iPhone 8 today with no new or additional features over the just announced iPhone 7, people would still buy it, just¬†because it’s “one better”.

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