Are Oracle abandoning Java?

That’s an alarmist question, but recent goings on at Oracle suggest something is changing.

Today there was an eye opening story on InfoWorld about a letter from a ‘former high ranking Java official’ (maybe one of the Java Evangelist team recently laid off?), that

… the company [Oracle] was becoming a cloud company, competing with Salesforce, and “Java has no interest to them anymore.” The subject line cited “Java — planned obsolescence.”

This follows the recent layoffs in August/September of several key players on their Java evangelist team: Simon Ritter, Cameron Purdy, James Weaver, and others.

Maybe I’m scraping the barrel for facts here, but I noticed earlier this year that the site hadn’t been updated with any new stories or updates since April:

And @javanetbuzz, who used to tweet Java related stories from the site hasn’t tweeted since February 18th this year:

Incidentally, this might just be horribly bad timing, but both and websites have been down today:

So have Oracle been quietly ramping down their Java related efforts this year? JavaOne is only 3 weeks away at this point – is there going to be some news or announcement from Oracle about their plans for Java, or are they just going to continue as if nothing has changed?

Updated: As I wrote this, is back with this message (although this is dated from a few days back, so I’m assuming this message was already there on the site for a few days):

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