Fixing the Eclipse C++ remote execution “Error during file upload” error

Yesterday I posted the steps I had followed to get Eclipse C++ up and running on Ubuntu under VirtualBox on the Mac, to build and deploy ARM Assembly executables to the Raspberry Pi.

One of the errors that I encountered along the way wasUpload error this one: “Error during file upload”:

While following another post trying to get remote debugging setup, I noticed that the paths to the executable in the config dialog didn’t look like what I had used, so I took a closer look.



When setting up the remote connection for run and debug looks like this:

Remote execution dialog

If either the ‘remote absolute path’ or ‘commands to execute’ values are pointing to invalid paths, it seems that you get the ‘Error during file upload’ error.

The ‘Remote absolute path’ value should be the absolute path to the executable including the executable file name too.

If you need to chmod the file after uploading, that also needs a full path to the executable file.

Once this is sorted, success!

Remote execution


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