Is it worth running Windows just to use Ham Radio Deluxe?

I spent some time over the weekend using Ham Radio Deluxe running on an HP Mini netbook, and came to the conclusion that the netbook doesn’t really have enough horsepower to give a good experience with HRD. It’s just too sluggish opening the apps and moving back and forward between the Log app and the DM780 digital modes app. I did enjoy having the ability to automatically log my QSOs though, so I’ve spent some more time to investigate how I can make better use of the apps I’ve been using up until now on my Mac.

Turns out that RUMLog will watch the log files from FLDIGI and automatically copy new logged QSOs across from FLDIGI, so this is a good step in the right direction. For JT65-OSX, although it’s not automated, it will write to an ADIF file and then you can import that into RUMLog manually, so that’s better than nothing.

Sorry HRD, you’re just too bloated and I’m not interested in buying a new Windows machine just to run you. For now I think I’m going back to the apps I was already using on my Mac. Turns out RUMLog is actually pretty good 🙂

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