Non-technical technical architect

Not sure where I heard this, but thought it was funny (paraphrasing slightly here):

Non-technical technical architect: someone involved in or responsible for the technical architecture of a system who has a rough idea of the concerns of architecture at a high level, but has no previous experience in actually building systems.

You don’t have to have had hands on experience in development language x or technology y in order to understand the architectural concerns of a system, but to have no prior development experience at all is somewhat of a disadvantage to understanding what actually works or doesn’t work, don’t you think?

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    1. … someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience to be in that role? Far from an ideal situation, agreed, but it happens.

  1. I am not sure by what career or educational path, a person is deemed able to structure logical systems without having worked with the toolset the solution is to be implemented with.

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