Adobe announces intent to ditch mobile version of Flash

Given the recent fuss over mobile devices that do (Android) or don’t (iOS) support Flash, it seems an odd card to play for Adobe to announce that they’re no longer going to develop Flash player for mobile devices.

Personally, I don’t see this as a big deal. Sure it was nice to have the ability to play Flash video or some Flash-based games on my Android phone, but it certainly wasn’t ever a deciding factor that I have to have an Android phone because it supports Flash. In a way this is good move for the industry, since getting Flash off of a growing platform removes one more barrier from widespread adoption of HTML5. The interesting thing is whether this is just the first step for Adobe, and that ultimately they’re going to abandon Flash on the desktop too in the near future? As HTML5 adoption and usage increases, the relevancy of Flash will surely decrease. Maybe Adobe is coming to terms with this at this point, and this is just their first step to ramping down their overall support for Flash?


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