Jobs promotes iPad2 in ‘post PC era’

Jobs used the phrase ‘post-PC’ a lot last week during the press conference for the iPad2. I completely get the idea of the iPad as a content consumption device, in the respect that if you have a device like the iPad you can easily browse your favorite websites, check the weather, the news etc from the comfort of your sofa without getting up and going to whatever room the desktop PC lives in. The trouble is, the iPad is incredibly (and quite unbelievably) good at content consumption, but is rather rubbish at anything else.

Until there is a technological advancement in computer interaction we’re still dependent on the keyboard and mouse for doing anything that involves more than clicking images with a finger. In that respect, I think we’re more like in an ‘in-between’ era – the iPad has shown us that there are far more easier ways to consume content, but we’re still tied to the desk with the PC for doing other more complex content creation tasks.

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