Windows TV at CES?

Did Microsoft announce their Apple TV killer at CES this year? Rumor was that they were supposed to but can’t remember hearing anything about it.

Wouldn’t this be the 3rd attempt for Microsoft to get in on the set top box game? They originally had WebTV, which when it launched in the late 90’s was ahead of the game until Microsoft bought them out and seemed to take the company nowhere. Then they had the Ultimate TV box launched in 2000, which at the time looked like a strong competitor against TiVo, but only lasted 3 years and again went no-where.

So, third time’s a charm Microsoft – what you got for us this time?

Is it just me or in anyone else noticing that Microsoft just can’t seem to get themselves out of 1st gear? They keep launching product after product, but nothings new or revolutionary, nothing takes the world by storm and then eventually the product fizzles out and dies.

Come on Ballmer, get your act together!

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