Everything iDon’t, Droid Does

What an awesome ad – see here. Finally Android is gaining some momentum from the big name players, with Motorola starting the mass media onslaught by pointing out everything that the iPhone does not do, Android does. Motorola’s ‘Droid’ phone (previously known as ‘Sholes’) is coming before the end of this year.

Once a few of the big names get their phones out there I think Android is going to pick up big time. Right now with only early adopters HTC carrying the Android platform, there’s not exactly much choice, and T-Mobile are the carrier (in the US) with the currently available HTC Android phones, the G1 and the MyTouch3g. By end of the year Verizon and AT&T are supposedly going to have their Android phones for sale… by the time several different Android phones are available across all the carriers it’s going to be hard to avoid Android phones…

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