Will the Google Andriod marketplace eventually outsell the Apple iPhone store?

Right now I have a crappy Windows Mobile phone. It’s a disaster of a phone since it hangs, crashes and at random times like when trying to answer an incoming call it becomes unresponsive. When my current contract runs out I’l be upgrading to something else, and never a Windows Mobile phone again.

As a software developer it bothers me that it is so restrictive to develop applications for the iPhone. I haven’t tried or looked into it, because I don’t want to invest time in the development language/tools to find out that my app is rejected, and therefore wasting my time. Google’s Andriod platform on the other hand to me as a Java developer is immensely attractive because I can develop in Java and run what ever apps I want on my the platform. Although I would love to have an iPhone because it would sync well with my mac, the attraction of the openness of the Android platform is pulling me in that direction, and I suspect that is where I’ll be going next for my next phone.

Reading Dion Almer’s blog, seem like he has the same opinions too.

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