Gates and Balmer: Nothing new about Google Chrome OS. Really? What’s so new with Windows nowdays?

Gates and Balmer surprise me. Well I guess they shouldn’t because their reactions are quite predictable. They’re saying that there’s nothing new about Google’s Chrome OS – it’s just another Linux distro. The thing is, when can you look back at Microsoft’s wonderful offerings to the tech world and say ‘wow, that’s something new’?

  • Windows 7 is Vista with some tweaks, and probably much the same as the Vista codebase, just rebadged to try and have another go and making some money and trying to shake the negativity around Vista.
  • Vista was a few visual tweaks above XP.
  • XP was a radical step forward from 98.
  • ME was a technological disaster.
  • 98 was 95 plus some bug fixes.
  • 95 was a radical step forward from Windows 3.1.
  • Windows 3.x was a major step forward from MS-DOS.

Throw 2000 and Server 2003 in the mix that no-one seems to care about anyway. And NT that stole it’s code base from OS/2.

In all honesty, Windows 3.x was a massive step forwards from PC OSes we had before it, but 95 is most likely Microsoft’s most significant product in my mind. Guys – sorry to remind you but that’s 14 YEARS AGO. Maybe you should get off your complacent butts and get something new out the door that attracts the world’s attention, because Windows 7 right now is just not cutting it.

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