OZ Messenger on my T-Mobile Wing won’t close, and if left open drains the battery

I just got a T-Mobile Wing which is an awesome Windows Mobile PDA phone, and I’ve been really amazed with the features it is packed with. My oly complaint so far is the OZ Messenger client for Yahoo, AIM and ICQ Instant Messenging won’t close when you click the ‘X’ or from the Task List, and I just found out today that if you leave it logged in and turn off the screen, it drained my battery from fully charged to 10% within about 3 hours. This can’t be right. I haven’t found any posts of anyone having the same issues, so I’m looking around for a new IM client to try instead.

So far I’ve noticed Agile Messenger get’s a lot of comments in forums so I might give this one a try.

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