When does a Company no longer need to act like a Company?

This is a random thought. Most businesses exist primarily (unless they’re non-profit) to generate profit for their owners, either individuals or shareholders. If your company becomes as successful as, say, Microsoft, does this ‘reason for existence’ become irrelevant? For example, with Microsoft’s assets, it no longer has to provide services or new products to it’s customers, because it can remain financially viable by investing it’s assets alone.

Has there ever been a company as successful as Microsoft before, and did they at some point in their existence decide to call it a day and stop providing a service or products to it’s customers?

This post here sort of hints at the same point in the last paragraphs. At this point it’s almost irrelevant if Microsoft provides a useful product to it’s customers or not, because unless it doesn’t sustain major losses from carrying on business as normal, it doesn’t need to do anything at this point. Has Microsoft really lost it’s way?

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