I played Motorstorm on a PS3 last night!

Two days before the US launch I played a demo version of Motorstorm on a PS3 last night, and it was awesome! Walking through Walmart I noticed they had a screen in their electronics area that looked like it had some PS3 demos running. I walked up to take a look and the screen was showing the ‘Crossbar’ menu – I pressed a few buttons on the controller and realized this was a live PS3! And there was no-one else around even interested in looking at it!

I scrolled through all the menus and it looked like it had several demo games on the harddrive, one of them including Motorstorm. This game looks pretty outstanding – the detail and complexity in the scenery and the cars is pretty amazing. If launch titles can look this good then I think we are in for a serious treat when the developers get the hang of the new hardware in the months to come. The game plays awesome too – this will definitely be one on my shopping list..

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