Although no Linux out of the box for PS3, Yellow Dog Linux will be available to install on day 1

Sony have long been saying that the PS3 will support and run Linux from it’s internal harddrive, although current rumours are that it will not be available from day 1 when it ships on Nov 17. However, Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) already have their Linux distro modified to support the Cell processor ready to go, and will be available from day 1.

YDL for the PS3 Cell processor is based on Fedora Core 5 with the Enlightenment Window Manager, and will come with a simplified ‘1 click’ install that simplifies the installation and does not require the user to complete pages of configuration screens typical on Linux installations.

Running Linux on the PS3 together with a wireless keyboard and mouse will enable to use the PS3 just as any other PC, and allow them to run any Linux apps that are available. Expect to see to ‘heavy-lifting’ CPU intensive apps like video processing coming to the Linux based PS3 any time soon…

For more information about TerraSoft’s Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3, visit their website here.

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