PS3 seen in the wild, but does it suffer from overheating?

The guys at PS3 Magazine recently got their hands on a actual production PS3 console for an afternoon to review – ie this was not a dev kit that the software houses have had for the past several months, but an actual PS3 console from the production line.

This is the first time that a functional console in it’s production configuration, not a dev kit or a mock up, has been seen outside of perspex boxes at trade shows or Sony’s presentations on stage for the media. And what was the result – the guys were very impressed on lots of points – check out their review for more info. They have a few pictures too, and apparently did have a video of the box booting up and navigating through the PSP-like menus, but Sony apparently asked them to take it down.

The bad news this week – Sony’s stock price took tumble after reports from the Tokyo game show that the PS3 consoles on display for people to play with kept crashing and had to be reset, from what was suspected to be overheating. The Washington Post has a report with more info here. Sony have dismissed these claims, stating they do not have any known overheating problems.

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