Will Ubuntu Linux be the downfall of RedHat?

If you haven’t downloaded and played with Ubuntu Linux yet then I urge you to do so, becuase it is very slick. In this article by Tony Mobily on freesoftwaremagazine.com, he descibes Ubuntu as ‘Linux done right’, and from my own experiences with RedHat 7.0 and above, Fedora Core 1 though 4, Suse and now Ubuntu, I have to say that they have the usability really worked out – it is great to use.

Mobily goes a step further to say that he believes Ubuntu may be the downfall of RedHat – RedHat abandoned the desktop to concentrate on the server platform, and in doing so most likely lost a significant part of their user base. Ubuntu has tageted the desktop and got it right, and according to Mobily, SysAdmins previously working with RedHat are already moving to Ubuntu for it’s ease of use on the desktop, and for this reason may drive future decisions of which Linux server also to Ubuntu.

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