Holub on Microsoft: “Microsoft to retire Windows in early 2007”

Allen Holub has a hilarious column in the April 1st copy of SD Times titled “The End of the World as We Know it”, in which Gates is quoted as having seen the light after buying a Mac OS X MacBook Pro, and announces that it’s pointless to continue with development of Windows since Mac OS X is so far superior to Windows in terms of stability and usability.

Not only this, but Gates admits they’ve been pushing bad programming practices for years with MFC and .NET, plus Visual Basic was the biggest mess of a language ever developed, and therefore all Microsoft products will be rewritten in Java.

This is a great article… 🙂 I couldn’t find a link to it online, but check in the back of the paper edition is you have one laying around (sorry I know this is old news, but I only just picked up my copy and started reading it…)

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