WD Raptor X 150GB drive review – RegHardware

RegHardware.co.uk have a great review of the Western Digital Raptor X 150GB drive. If you’ve been following the hard drive market for the last year or so, you’ll already know about WD’s 10,000rpm drives, that up until this point only came in relatively small capacities of 36 and 72Gb.

Until now. Now you can get a 150Gb drive with the same outrageous 10,000rpm spin spead and 15Mb cache – this is a drive that you’ll be hard pushed to match. Only a RAID 0 with 2 decent 7200rpm drives will come close to the performance of this drive.

Of course 150GB is still small compared to the 500GB drives currently on the market, but if you’re looking for speed, then this is the drive to go for.

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