Annual Wired Vaporware Award – taking nominations

Wired News are taking nominations for their annual Vaporware awards – check the article on their site.

Top of my list would be:

  • Where is Windows Longhorn/Vista? I know it’s due next year, but wasn’t originally due to ship at least 2 years ago?
  • Also, on the same theme – where is WinFS, the promised new file system for Windows that was to be based ontop of a SQL engine (SQLServer?), to replace the legacy DOS-based filesystem? It was due to be a core part of Longhorn/Vista, but stories in the press say that it will be shipped at a later point as an add on to Vista. That probably means not at all.
  • Microsoft Hailstorm? The ditributed services and applications initiative failed once before, but now it’s coming back as another web-delivered suite of apps? Do people really want office apps delivered as pay-as-you-go or subscription based web-apps? I don’t think so.

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