Sony to leverage PS3 to get Blu-ray DVD format into homes?

When the PS2 originally launched it was one of the cheapest DVD players out there, and many people bought the new console not just as a games machine, but as their DVD player also. When Sony launch the PS3 next year, they may be attempting the same strategy, but this time using the console as a platform to push the new Blu-Ray DVD format to the masses.

What is going to be interesting though is how much of a loss they will be willing to take per console sold in order to make the new format attractive, both to hardcore gamers and the occaisional gamer who is looking to get a next generation Blu-Ray DVD format player. Microsoft will also be doing the same in terms of making a loss per console sold when their XBox360 ships before the end of this year, and it still has to be seen how much of a gain they will get over the PS3 by shipping months earlier.

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