Microsoft on Linux: “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’?

Microsoft have recently changed their strategic oulook on the use of Linux and Open Source software, and rather than attempting to face the juggernaut head-on, they are now attempting work with and complement Linux and Open Source technologies.

So have Microsoft admitted defeat? Five years ago, Steve Balmer publically called Linux and Open Source a ‘cancer’ on commercial software development. At that time Microsoft was running scared and was attempting to sell their products with disinformation about the total cost of ownership of Linux solutions, but now it appears they can’t run fast enough, and rather than keep running, they have chosen to change their direction and not compete with Open Source, but to build their products to complement it.

Microsoft Operations Manager now has support for Linux based platforms, and Microsoft’s virtual machine software which they recently acquired will also have the ability to host Linux installations alongside Windows.

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