Windows ‘Longhorn’ release – will it sell?

Windows ‘Longhorn’ release, the next generation of the Windows platform, is possibly coming in the next couple of years, but will customers be ready for another Windows upgrade?

Longhorn is expected to be another leap forward in Windows technology, similar to the jump that Windows 95 was from Windows 3.1. The trouble is that many of the exciting new features to be included in Longhorn, for example WinFS (the next generation file storage system, possibly based ontop of a database engine), may not even see light of day in the first releases. New features have been gradually put on the backburner as the delivery schedule has been slipping, and what new features remain is anyone’s guess at this point.

Next-gen XBox may not be backwardly compatible

Rumours have it that the next-gen XBox, possibly going to be called XBox360, will not be backwardly compatible with the current XBox. This may indicate Microsoft is taking a departure from the current ‘cheap PC in a box’ game platform, maybe heading towards something more radical. If they’re keeping tabs on Sony’s upcoming PS3 then they had better pull something pretty stellar out from up their sleeve, since the hype surrounding Sony’s Playstation 3 is leading us to believe their new box is going to be a supercomputer for the masses…