Changing the gpu / main memory split on the Raspberry Pi

The memory allocation to the gpu is defined in /boot/config.txt using the gpu_mem property.

Minimum is 16, default is 64. If you’re running graphics intensive apps on the Pi you can increase this value. If you’re running in headless mode then you can decrease it to 16 or 32.

More info here.

Resizing your Debian root fs on Raspberry Pi

Once you’ve copied one of the Debian disk images to an SD card, you may have noticed that the disk image is only for 2GB and you have a lot of unused space on your SD card. The raspi-config util has an option (Expand Root FS) to resize your root partition for you. There’s also plenty of other utils to do the job. I used gparted from a gparted LiveCD booted on my Mac to resize my partition and it worked well.

Configuring a static IP on Debian Wheezy for Raspberry Pi

$ sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces


iface eth0 inet dhcp


iface eth0 inet static

Below this line enter the following, replacing x where necessary for your network config.

address 192.168.x.x
network 192.168.x.0
broadcast 192.168.x.255
gateway 192.168.x.x