Comparing screenshots of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, 2004, FSX and 2020 (part 2)

Before the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 last year I took a number of comparison screenshots in FS 2002, 2004, and FSX but I never went back and retook screenshots from FS2020 after the launch. Here’s one example of the level of photographic detail in the scenery compared to Visual Flight’s VFR photographic scenery add-on for FS 2002. It wouldn’t be a good comparison to the base products without a scenery add on since they were only doing scenery autogen and didn’t even have photographic scenery, but here’s a good comparison just how good the FS2020 scenery is (drag the bar to compare):

FS 2002 with Visual. Flight VFR Scenery vs FS 2020

Since the recent UK scenery update, here’s a comparison in roughly the same area looking along the Southend coast. Unfortunately I didn’t have a screen from before the update showing where the pier should be – originally it was submerged in the imagery, but as you can see from the image on the right above it’s now a very impressively modeled landmark:

Southend coastline: FS2020 before the UK update (left) vs after (right)

Here’s a couple of other screenshots taking a closer look at the scenery along the sea front and the pier:

It’s interesting while the pier got a full custom model, the fun fair areas each side got a couple of buildings but the rides and rollercoaster where just left as flat imagery:

More FS2020 Scenery issues: New York (part 2)

Continuing from part 1, here’s more examples of fascinating glitches in the photogrammetry rendered scenery around New York and surrounding area.

Flying West from Floyd Bennet Field, here’s an unusual road traffic pattern at Gerritsen Inlet Bridge, Brooklyn, complete with some find of stone spire:

Continuing West to Coney Island, it looks like it’s been decimated by a hurricane. I love that the Ferris Wheel is rendered as a solid disk (to the right of the window opening):

Apparently it’s been so long that Coney Island has been closed under COVID-19 lockdown that the coaster has become overgrown with trees:

As a comparison with FSX, Coney Island has a modeled scenery object for the ferris wheel and the wooden coaster, but the rest of the amusement park is covered with autogen trees:

Back to FS 2020, the Steeplechase Pier is partially underwater, but odd that the end of the pier is actually rendered as a solid object:

Coney Island rail yard is also overgrown with trees:

Continuing towards the south edge of New Jersey port area, there’s some melty dock scenery, and docked ships are spouting some trees:

The Bayonne Bridge is looking a bit solid:

This whole dock area is full of some of my favorite scenery glitches in FS 2020 so far (I had a few screenshots in my earlier post), solid cranes – there’s plenty here:

Flying towards Newark Airport, Port Newark has plenty of cranes that are all rendered in the same solid style:

There’s also plenty of ships fully loaded with trees, and other pointy things:

The railyard along side the airport also has trains full of trees:

This area around New York is full of interesting scenery glitches, I’ll continue with another post shortly.