applicationContext.xml file replaced after Grails upgrade

If you have heavily modified your applicationContext.xml file for your application, make sure you take a copy of it (your whole app to be safe) before you upgrade to a newer version of Grails, since during the ‘grails clean’ and ‘grails upgrade’ steps the applicationContent.xml file will be replaced.

Domain class constraint ‘length’ deprecated in Grails 0.4.2

The domain class constraint ‘length’ has been deprecated in Grails 0.4.2, and needs to be replaced with the equivalent constraint ‘size’ instead.

If you have upgraded to 0.4.2 you may see this error on startup:

<code>Domain class [class ExampleDomain] includes the length constraint for the exampleProperty
 property.  This constraint is deprecated and will be removed in the future.  
Please update your code to use the size constraint instead.

@Property annotation removed

Generated code in Grails used to use an @Property annotation to indicate Grails properties. This was used somewhere around version 0.1 – 0.2, was still supported in 0.3.1 (although I think not used in newly generated code), but is now no longer in 0.4.2. You’ll see the error:

 @ line 8, column 6.ExampleController: 34: unable to resolve class Property unable
to find class for annotation

Just go through your old code if you have migrated from prior versions of Grails and replace the @Property annotation with def instead – the code will work with 0.4.2+.