ssh into a running EC2 instance being used for an AWS Beanstalk deployment

The EB cli provides an ‘eb ssh env-name’ command to provide ssh access into a running EC2 instance. If the environment wasn’t setup to enable ssh, you’ll see this:

> eb ssh test
ERROR: This environment is not set up for SSH. Use "eb ssh --setup" to set up SSH for the environment.

After running ‘eb ssh –setup’ you’ll be prompted to confirm the environment name, and then select a previously configured SSH keypair to use to provide auth when logging on to the instance.

If an EC2 instance is already running in the env, this setup step configures new EC2 instances to enable ssh, and then conducts a rolling update to take down any previously started EC2 instances and replace them with new instances.

Searching for available install packages on Debian / Raspbian / Ubuntu (Installing Java on a Raspberry Pi Zero)

On Linux distros that use apt package manager, you can search for packages by name using:

sudo apt search package-name

I’m looking to install a supported version of OpenJDK on a Raspberry Pi Zero, which has significantly less resources than a regular Pi and I believe is also an older ARM cpu version than current Pi 4 and 5.

Using ‘apt search’ for openjdk shows a number of 7, 8, 11 and 17 candidates, and also versions compiled specifically for the Pi Zero:

openjdk-17-jre-zero/oldstable-security 17.0.11+9-1~deb11u1 arm64
Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Zero

Configuring Java version in a Maven based app

There’s a couple of different ways to configure the Java version for an app in your Maven pom.xml file.

The simplest is with the following properties:


If you’re configuring a Spring Boot app with Maven, you can also use this single property (only works for a Spring Boot app using the starter parent spring-boot-starter-parent) to override the Spring Boot default:


VMWare Fusion Pro for MacOS and Workstation Pro for Windows now free for personal use

Following Broadcom’s buyout of VMWare, many home users of virtualization software such as VMWare’s ESXi were disappointed that the free personal use was discontinued.

News today however is more promising: from today you can download Fusion Pro for MacOS and Workstation Pro for Windows free for personal use. You need to sign up for an account at and then search for either product to download. More details here.