Installing Eclipse IDE for Apple M1 Silicon

From the official Eclipse downloads page as of 10/31/21 there aren’t any M1 builds ready for download. However, following the comments on this bug/feature request, there have been daily builds for M1 it looks like for some time. The daily builds are available here.

I downloaded the latest stable build from here:

Double-clicking the downloaded .dmg and then dragging the Eclipse app into Applications is all that was needed to install. Done!

5 Replies to “Installing Eclipse IDE for Apple M1 Silicon”

    1. Probably would run fine. The only app I’ve run on Rosetta so far has been the Intel version of Skype and it ran flawlessly for a video call. You’d never know it wasn’t a native app. Quite astonishing really.

      1. Would it still run if you then dragged it out of applications into another folder. I have multiple versions of Eclipse so I don’t currently run them from the Applications folder.



        1. I’ve always had multiple copies like that too in an ‘Eclipse IDEs’ folder in my user folder. Try it and see, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if not in the Applications folder?

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