Installing Maven tool support in vanilla Eclipse IDE

If you download an Eclipse bundle like the Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers, you’ll get Maven support built in, but if you download a vanilla Eclipse install (like from using from of the daily builds), you’ll need to install many pllugins yourself.

Eclipse support for Maven is provided via the m2Eclipse plugin, there are installation instructions here:

I’ve had luck using these installer buttons before, but on this daily build for M1 they don’t seem to do anything. Instead I used the manual approach by adding a new ‘site’ in ‘Add New Software, ‘ adding and then selecting ‘Maven Integration for Eclipse’ :


Installing Eclipse IDE for Apple M1 Silicon

Update January 2022: Since writing this official release versions are now available with MacOS AArch64 builds for M1 Macs from the main downloads page:

From the official Eclipse downloads page as of 10/31/21 there aren’t any M1 builds ready for download. However, following the comments on this bug/feature request, there have been daily builds for M1 it looks like for some time. The daily builds are available here.

I downloaded the latest stable build from here:

Double-clicking the downloaded .dmg and then dragging the Eclipse app into Applications is all that was needed to install. Done!

Java 15 support in Eclipse

It used to be hit or miss and usually some delay before the latest Java version would get full new language feature support in the latest version of Eclipse. With these new Java version plugins from the Marketplace though, adding support is now as easy as installing the plugin:

The Eclipse team has been doing a great job with these plugins for latest language support.

Eclipse Oxygen with Atlassian Connector plugin for accessing Jira issues

I’ve been kicking the tires in my local dev setup running my own Jira and GitLab installations. I’ve been meaning to take a look at how to access Jira tickets from within Eclipse, and then the next logical step is to look at the Jira to GitLab integration.

First up, let’s look at accessing Jira tickets in Eclipse. Docs on the Atlassian Connector are here: The installation guide gives an Eclipse Update Sites for Eclipse version up to Luna but not more recent versions (Mars, Neon, Oxygen), but questions online (e.g. here) suggest the Luna version still installs and works with Oxygen (using update site:

Integration within Eclipse is using Mylyn. After installing the plugin by adding the update site above, open the Mylyn/Task Repository view:

and select the Jira option:

Press Next and enter the URL for your Jira server:

When prompted to create a new Query, select Yes – this is what retrieves your assigned tasks from Jira:

Press Next for the next dialog. There’s a lot of options here (continues below the area in this screenshot), but in this case I’m interested just in the issues logged for my Blackjack Twitterbot project, so I selected this specific project:

In my Task List view I can now see a list of my assigned tasks, open and competed:

Double-clicking any of these opens the ticket in Eclipse:

This is pretty typical of any issue ticket tracking support in Eclipse. At this point I can edit and update the tickets.

Next up, I’ll look at Jira and GitHub integration.