Using a Unisys VT terminal with VT132 as a wifi modem

I just picked up a Unisys TO300G VT terminal to use for a few retro projects, and tried connecting it to my VT132 and use it as a wifi AT modem. Initially I wasn’t getting anything echo’d to the screen, then remembered I needed to set the speed to 115200, and then started getting a response from the VT132.

Here’s the menu, with the speed initially at 19200 8N1 :

Now we’ve got responses echoing back but there’s a bunch of CR/LF chars:

Turns out they’re echo’d to the screen if you have the Monitor Mode set to ON, so turning this option off fixed this. Also, the backspace key wasn’t working, and the Recognize Del option set to ON fixed this:

Now using ATD to dial up and we’re in business:

Loving the amber glow of the text on this terminal, and the smooth scrolling is <3

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