The spectrum of note taking options for software developers

All software developers should take notes. That’s a given. There’s far too much information we come across daily that it’s impossible to remember everything without taking notes.

Ok, so what approach should you take for your note taking? As software developers, building your own note taking app would be an interesting side project for learning a new language or framework. Before you jump to that extreme though, consider some of the simpler alternatives first.

Going from simpler to more complex, here’s some options:

  • A notebook
  • Index cards
  • Notes on loose sheets of paper, grouped by topic and filed in a folder, binder, or filing cabinet
  • Online note taking app: OneNote, EverNote
  • Note taking on a PDA (remember those?)
  • Hosted blog online (e.g. WordPress, Ghost)
  • Hosting your own blog online
  • Building your own blogging app

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