Increasing VMware ESXi guest desktop resolution for Ubuntu 14.04

By default, my Ubuntu 14.04 desktop guest running under VMware ESXi has a maximum resolution of 1360×768 when accessed with the Remote Client, which although usable is not great on my MacBook Pro:

In the guest settings for my Ubuntu guest, I have rather limited graphics settings:

I tried bumping up the memory and see if that opens up some additional settings but that didn’t change anything, although for higher resolutions it’s most likely I would need more gpu memory, but that’s not the issue with the limited settings here.

Searching for ‘ESXi linux guest maximum resolution’ I found this article:

which suggests to install a ‘desktop’ version of the open-vm-tools:

sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop

Let’s try that. After a reboot, now we’ve got higher resolutions! Awesome!

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