Running a local insecure Docker Registry for testing

To start and run a local Repository for sharing images between machines (from here):

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry registry:2

To tag a local image and push it into your repository:

docker tag imagename [ip of your docker machine]:5000/imagename

And then push it into your repo:

docker push [ip of your docker machine]:5000/imagename

By default, the docker client fails when attempting to push an image to a locally running registry if you haven’t configured TLS and certificates. If you’re running a registry locally for testing, you can configure the local client to trust an insecure Registry by:

  • docker-machine ssh [name of docker machine]
  • sudo vi /var/lib/boot2docker/profile
  • Add this line to the EXTRA_ARGS var:
--insecure-registry=[ip of your docker machine]:5000

This tip from this article.

Update1: if running on Linux (no docker-machine), add the above property to /etc/default/docker and then

sudo service docker restart

Update2: if docker is running as a service using systemd (e.g. the Hypriot Raspberry Pi image), you need to edit


… append the –insecure-registry option to the end of the line that starts: ExecStart (further details here)

Now trying the push again, and success!

$ docker push

The push refers to a repository []

d5a685774b12: Pushed 

726baddb2cde: Pushed 

bb81ee534db3: Pushed 

77f08abee8bf: Pushed 

latest: digest: sha256:cafa45a64cf25533a1544f37ef7ee3fac614cb2a8d8be30efe9b3c84cebabc52 size: 1159

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