Ubuntu 14.04 with nvidia drivers

I’ve been on a kick installing various flavors of OS recently (I’ve been repurposing an older desktop and starting with an empty hdd). In the past the brownish/orange colors of Ubuntu have just put me off, and the Unity desktop I thought was just a bit too unusual to be useful. So I started with Mint Cinnamon, That’s been my main desktop OS for a couple of months. Then I started looking at Fedora 22. This gave me no end of installation pain.

I’m installing on a HP Pavillion with an AMD quadcore, and nvidia 6150 onboard graphics. Seems this older gpu is killing me. Fedora 22 hangs on install around 33%. Fedora 21 will install in simple graphics mode. Trying to get the nvidia graphics installed though gave me a few late nights. No matter which instructions I’d follow, I could not get the nouveau graphics unloaded, and so would always get the error messages about the nouveau kernel modules are still loaded. I tried various tips from online sources, and eventually gave up.

A while back I noticed the noobslab site with a easy to follow apt-get steps to install new themes for Ubuntu. Huh, so if I can install a different theme then I can get rid of the brown default theme? I’ve played with Ubuntu Tweaks a while back and didn’t spend enough time playing with it to end up with something that I liked. but ready to give it another go. So I installed Tweak:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Installed Crunchy themes from noobslab, and now I’m all set. Looks pretty cool too… this will do for a while.

My previous steps for installing nvidia-304 work fine on Ubuntu 14.04 too. So all set.

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