Getting Started with AngularJS (pt 2): views and ngRoute

Second part of my notes learning AngularJS (first part is here).

Angular handles multiple views in your Single Page Application by adding the ng-view directive at the point where you want your views inserted, e.g.

<div ng-view></div>

The logic to handle URL hash fragments is implemented using $routeProvider to map view template and controller pairs with each hash fragment that your app recognizes. For example:

var simpleApp = angular.module('SimpleApp',

  function($routeProvider) {
    when('/', {
      templateUrl: 'page1.html',
      controller: 'Page1Controller'
    when('/page2', {
      templateUrl: 'page2.html',
      controller: 'Page2Controller'
    when('/page3', {
      templateUrl: 'page3.html',
      controller: 'Page3Controller'
      redirectTo: '/'

An example working app is here:

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