Getting started with AngularJS (notes)

Sharing some personal notes from getting started with and learning AngularJS (from working through the AngularJS Tutorial).

AngularJS is added to an HTML template with the ng-app directive. Where placed in the html means it’s applied to that element and it’s children:

<html ng-app="appname">

Reference to controller:

<body ng-controller="ExampleCtrl">

Reference values from Controller in HTML template:

{{ variablename }}

Iteration directive – repeats the element, e.g. on an <li>:

<li ng-repeat="item in items">

Text-based filter on matching items – only includes text matches on value of query:

<li ng-repeat="phone in phones | filter:query">

Skeleton Controller:

var exampleApp = angular.module('exampleApp', []);
exampleApp.controller('ExampleCtrl', function ($scope) {

//$scope is passed as arg and can be referenced here
//e.g. this sets var example on $scope to be referenced in template
$scope.example = "hello";

Sample, simplest case AngularJS app:

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