Creating Atari ST disks from disk image files on Linux

Steps taken from article here.

Check disk geometry of disk image file – copy this to a .sh file and run it against a .st disk image:

#!/bin/sh od -v -Ad -t u1 -w1 $1 | awk 'NR==20 {sl=$2} NR==21 {sh=$2}
 NR==25 {spt=$2} NR==27 {s=$2; 
print "Sides: " s " Sectors: " spt " Tracks: " (sh * 256 + sl) / spt / s; exit}'

Format a 720k floppy using the sector and cylinder numbers from the prior step:

superformat /dev/fd0 dd ds sect=10 cyl=80

Copy the image to the disk:

cp /dev/fd0

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