Installing XBMC media center on a HP Mini netbook

I’ve been setting up XBMC media center on an old HP Mini netbook as an experiment to listen to streaming radio via my home theatre setup. I started initially with the XBMCbuntu iso since it was the easiest to setup, but the Ubuntu side of this distro was too slimmed down for my liking. It didn’t come with drivers for the wifi card out of the box, so while I was planning on connecting via ethernet close to my home theatre setup, I still wanted to pickup the netbook and use wifi while working on setting it up.

So my next attempt I went for a full Ubuntu 12.10 desktop install (wifi drivers included), and then followed the manual steps to install XMBC next.

My main interest in XMBC is the Radio Add-on that has a menu of selectable streaming radio stations. My next interest is being able to control the radio selection remotely, either via a web interface or via an Android app. All the web interfaces, including the default interface, don’t seem to let you browse the Radio add-on. I’ve found one Android XMBC remote that does, so this one does what I need:

My next interest is running Spotify on the netbook and also controlling it remotely. Two choices here, either

  • Use a Spotify Add on for XBMC, like Spotimc
  • Or install the Spotify for Linux client, and then use one of the many Spotify remote apps to control it directly

Given that I haven’t had much luck with XBMC remotes controlling XBMC add-ons, I’m going to try a separate Spotify install and then try out one of the remote apps, like this one: Spotcommander. I’ll post an update once I’ve got these installed and configured.

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    Did you manage to install both XBMC and Spotcommander simultaneously under Ubuntu? Are you able to control Spotify via Spotcommander withouth first closing XBMC and opening Spotify for Linux?

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