Network vulnerability exposed for Vista that causes a Blue Screen

This report details a remote code execution vulnerability in Vista that cause Vista to blue screen. Apparently this same code was inherited by Windows 7 too (the same vulnerability exists in Windows 7 Release Candidate), but has already been patched in the version of 7 that’s gone to manufacturing according to this Microsoft technote… That’s unusual, because didn’t the final code go to manufacturing some time ago?

Android/myTouch 3g tips – usage and development

I’ve just started playing around with my new Google Android phone and checking out the SDK. I have to say, Google did an awesome job with the SDK making the APIs extremely rich and easy to get apps put together very quickly. My only gripe so far is getting to grips with the layout managers to layout your UIs.

The phone itself is absolutely awesome. This is everything I’ve wanted my phone to be, in terms of an internet access device, with easy access to email accounts. and a decent browser that looks like what you see on your desktop browser, and not some text equivalent that gets mangled by a WAP gateway.

I’ve started putting together some notes – first on using the myTouch3g phone itself, and then also on developing for Android. Hopefully soon I’ll have my first app ready to upload to the Android Market!