PC’s 25th birthday – “The 25 greatest PC’s of all time” – PCWorld

This year is 25 years since IBM launched the first IBM PC in 1981. PC World have put together a list of 25 of the ‘Greatest PC’s of All Time’ – the list is an interesting computing history of machines pre and post 1981, including greats such as the Apple II and the Comodore Amiga.

Noticably absent from the list are the machines big in Europe during the same time period. The Sinclair Spectrum was one of the first and the arguably the best selling home computer of it’s time in the UK (during the early 80’s) and most of Europe. Also missing from the list, the Atari ST – although if this is the ‘greatest’ of all time, it would have to be the ST Falcon030, which was an awesome piece of hardware, just out of reach of most people’s pockets at the time.

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