JavaOne 2005 day 1 annoucements

Sun have announced today at day 1 of JavaOne 2005 that they will be open sourcing the new release of Java System Application Server Platform 9.0, indicating their commitment to the open source community.

Also being offered as open source is Java ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), an implementation of the Java Business Integration spec, JSR208, to support SOA based architectures.

Other annoucements today:

  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), 5.0, the successor to J2EE 1.4 api spec. Sun have also released their Application Server 9.0 based on the Java EE 5.0 spec, as the Reference Implementation).
  • I expect EJB3.0 with the long awaited and enhanced (as it should have been from day one) Entity Bean spec, based closely on Hibernate, will be part of the Java EE 5.0 platform.
  • A preview of new features of the Java SE 6.0 release expected next year, with new Windows ‘Longhorn’ look and feel, revamped XML stack, improved support for annotations, and dynamic scripting language support. All of these are currently avaialble as source code to be downloaded from

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