Playstation 3 to come preinstalled with Linux?

The Inquirer supposedly have some information about the upcoming PS3, and that it will possibly come shipped with a relatively large hard drive. To prove a point that the PS3 will be more than just a games console, it will also be preinstalled with Linux.

One of the key features of the new Cell processor is that it will be capable of running multiple Operating Systems simultaneously on the same processor. Shipping the machine with Linux attempts to prove that the machine will be far more than just a games console.

In an interview with Sony President Ken Kutaragi, he suggests that the console could be used for editing home videos and photo retouching. There hase been a lot of coverage of the consoles gaming capabilities, but up until now no mention has been made of any of the expected ‘home entertainment center’ type functionality, that possibly will set the PS3 apart from the XBox 360, which is getting a head start with its release later this year (2005).

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