Sun release Open Solaris 10

Sun have released their flagship Unix operating system, Solaris, into the open source arena, as Open Solaris

The latest version of Solaris 10, is now available free for download and use.

This clearly is a huge move for Sun, as this is their (up until now) proprietary OS that they have spent years (and probably millions) developing, now available for anyone to use for free. Time will tell how this will affect adoption of Linux, as now Solaris offers an interesting alternative, backed by years of development by Sun. Red Hat recently went in the opposite direction with their release of Red Hat Enterprise, and decided to offer their Linux distribution with additional features as a commercial product for sale, rather than free (they do still however back the open source development of RedHat Fedora Core, their free distribution of RedHat).

Solaris 10 offers some key advantages (I believe) over Linux:

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