Intel file new trademarks and start the speculation about new products

Intel recently registered new trademarks that may be an indication of new upcoming products. As a result people have starting speculating what the tradmark symbols mean.

One of the tradmark symbols is ‘VIIV’ – people are currently theorizing that this may be the logo for:

  • a new 64 bit CPU (Roman numerals for 6 and 4, although technically it should be LXIV in that case).
  • the symbol for a dual core Pentium comprised of 2 Pentium V chips

Developing a database driven webapp with Ruby on Rails

I’m always interested when someone claims to develop a working application with minimal amount of coding. This article on the O'Reilly site shows how to build a webapp using Ruby with the Rails framework. When they say minimal lines of code they really mean it.

Take a look and see what you think. I haven’t used Ruby yet either, but this framework could be a good reason to start learning…

More info on Ruby here, and the home page for Ruby on Rails is here.