Updating and installing Redhat9.0 to run latest Apache and mod-jk2 with JBoss3.x/Tomcat4.x

02/21/06 This info is now long out of date. Google for mod_jk instead, which should be used instead of mod_jk2.

I’m setting up Apache on my Redat9.0 Linux server to run SquirrelMail, and amongt other things, re-enable/rebuild the Apache–>Mod-JK2–>JBoss3.x/Tomcat4.x confinguration I had running before my server’s harddrive failed 🙁

See the other post here in my JBoss section about downloading and installing the Mod-JK2 connector for connecting Apache to Tomcat.

It seems in order to install the Mod-JK2 connector on this version of RedHat9.0 I installed, I need to update my Apache server version as Mod-JK2 is dependent on a later version of httpd-mmn (whatever that is). I downloaded Httpd-2.0.51-2.7 from pbone.net, but this is dependent on a whole bunch of other stuff.

Not being too familiar with updating large numbers of dependent RPMs, I’ve found in the past that automated solutions such as Ximian’s RedCarpet are the easiest way (for me) to do this.

RedCarpet was dependent on later versions of glibc and glibc-common (2.3.2-27.9.7.i386), which I also donwloaded from pbone.net.

Next I installed the 3 RPM packages for RedCarpet.

Still in progress…

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