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The Android phones are coming…

All the major device manufacturers and wireless carriers are getting read to release their Google Android based phones, joining T-Mobile which was first to market with the HTC G1 and more recently the HTC MyTouch3G:

Everything iDon’t, Droid Does

What an awesome ad – see here. Finally Android is gaining some momentum from the big name players, with Motorola starting the mass media onslaught by pointing out everything that the iPhone does not do, Android does. Motorola’s ‘Droid’ phone (previously known as ‘Sholes’) is coming before the end of this year.

Once a few of the big names get their phones out there I think Android is going to pick up big time. Right now with only early adopters HTC carrying the Android platform, there’s not exactly much choice, and T-Mobile are the carrier (in the US) with the currently available HTC Android phones, the G1 and the MyTouch3g. By end of the year Verizon and AT&T are supposedly going to have their Android phones for sale… by the time several different Android phones are available across all the carriers it’s going to be hard to avoid Android phones…

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Setting up Subversion on Ubuntu

See here:

Ading new repositories:

<code>$ sudo mkdir /home/svn
   $ cd /home/svn
   $ sudo mkdir myproject
   $ sudo chown -R www-data:subversion myproject
   $ sudo chmod -R g+rws myproject

#make repo
 $ sudo svnadmin create /home/svn/myproject

#start svn server - --foreground keeps output in foreground for debugging server activity
svnserve -d --foreground -r /home/svn

To configure access to to the new project, edit the /home/svn/myproject/conf/svnserve.conf file created by default and uncomment the password-db line. Save the file.Edit the passwd file in the same dir and add a user and password to access this project.

Start the server with the svnserve command

Once the server is started, you can connect to the repository using a SVN client in Eclipse like Subclipse. Connect to the repository using svn://address/myproject as the project URL and root.

To add a new source project from Eclipse into the repository, select Team… Share Project. ‘Add to Source Control’ for each of the dirs in the project, and then ‘Commit’ the files.

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IntelliJ open sourced – Community Edition available now!

The interesting thing about IntelliJ is that people who have used all 3 major Java IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ) all swear by IntelliJ, and yet most Java developers spend all their time using either Eclipse or Netbeans. Hmm. Anything to do with them being free? Well JetBrains is coming late to the open source party, but their new Community Edition is available for download here.

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Server failure brings doubt to Microsoft’s cloud-based plans

Microsoft has seriously embarrassed themselves and brought huge doubt to the viability of their Office Live incentive from their server failure this week, impacting all Sidekick phone users. Although they are saying that Office Live is built with server redundancy as a key part of their infrastructure, the fact that they have completely failed to offer redundancy for their Danger Sidekick phone users is obviously a major blow for Microsoft’s credibility to run any online/cloud-based service.

Quite how they allowed themselves to get into an unrecoverable position losing all their users data is quite unimaginable.

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Microsoft server failure loses all data for Danger Sidekick phone users

Here’s the harsh reality of what can happen when you rely on data storage ‘in the cloud’. Microsoft recently bough Danger, the company behind the Sidekick phone devices, in a possible move to offering a Microsoft branded similar device at some point.

Over the past few days, Danger users started reporting being unable to access any of their phone data from their phones (address books etc). Apparently due to a server failure, all user’s data has been lost. This weekend, Microsoft announced that the chances of recovering their user’s data ‘doesn’t look good’. According to a post on the T-Mobile forums, user’s data has ‘almost certainly has been lost as a result of a server failure at Microsoft/Danger’

Hmm. Aren’t Microsoft getting ready to launch Microsoft Office online? Based on this stellar success record, I’d avoid any service hosted by Microsoft online like the plague. Stay away, stay very away.

Doesn’t look too good for Microsoft. Will be very interested to see how they put a positive spin on this one.

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