My last 4 phones over the past 13 years (all still work)

For some reason I though I’d sold some of my last phones on ebay, but after clearing out some shelves and cupboards in our house, I’ve found my last 3 phones before my current phone, and they all still work fine. It’s interesting how large current phones are now compared to phones from over 10 years ago – we definitely had a period of phones getting smaller, and now we’re carrying around tablets in our pockets.

Here’s the oldest to last phone I replaced:

From left to right:

  • T-Mobile myTouch4g – this is from roughly 2010. I had it for a few years then reached that stage when it started to slow down so installed a custom Android ROM, Lineage. This always seems to be my sign where I need to upgrade, when I start messing with custom ROMs. Pretty sure I used this phone for at least 3 years. Given it’s small size, it’s noticeably heavy in the hand, maybe because of the solid metal back plate.
  • Samsung S3 – used this phone for 5 years, and only upgraded because the battery started to only just last for a whole day before needing a recharge. Still, 5 years for continual daily use is pretty good innings. I would have used it for longer if it wasn’t for the battery life decreasing
  • Samsung S8+ – probably my favorite phone so far. Even though I recently upgraded to an S21 ultra, I used this phone at home as a music player while working from home (before most recently getting replaced by an iPad)

As a comparison in size to my current S21 Ultra, here’s the myTouch and S3 to the left, S21 Ultra on the right:

It’s interesting seeing the increase in size. My S21 feels completely normal at this point, but the myTouch4g is small enough to fit within my hand.

Groklaw shuts down

Groklaw, the site that extensively covered the SCO vs Anyone-who-has-anything-to-do-with-*nix lawsuits in the early 2000s has decided to call it quits, saying that they are concerned about privacy concerns.

It’s sad that they’ve decided to close their site given the insight they’ve given us over the years into numerous legal cases in the Tech world, but it’s worth reading their last post and understanding why.