ISS SSTV decodes 6/23/21

Highest elevation on this pass was 50 degrees at 12:36PT. It’s interesting seeing the decodes getting progressively better as the signal strength increases towards the highest point, and then dies out again:





ISS SSTV decodes – 6/21/21

The ISS is transmitting SSTV on 145.800MHz this week, June 21-26. I left my laptop running during the day and here’s the decodes I captured. Equipment is an Icom 880h with a homebrew copper wire quarterwave groundplane, and I’m running the RX-SSTV software.

12:32 PT – the highest elevation on this pass was only 22 degrees at 12:34 PT:

12:36 PT:

12:41 PT:

Next pass, 14:09 PT – highest elevation 50 degrees at 14:11 PT:

14:12 PT – probably the best ISS SSTV decode I’ve got so far! :

15:48 PT – there were no ISS passes at this time today, so not sure what this one was: